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All interested persons are invited to get qualified higher education in Ukraine!

The Company “TransUkrVuz” presents to your attention the official website education for foreign students. The given project is carried out in collaboration with numerous Ukrainian Universities on the basis of a mutual agreement.

“TransUkrVuz” is specialized on providing the complex assistance to ambitious and talented foreign students, aiming to study in Ukraine. We also offer assistance in wide range of services to our respected clients.

There is no doubt that Ukraine is the best platform for getting higher education among the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, and it also rather fascinating place for business and tourism. The higher education in Ukraine, like in other developed countries, is considered to be the basic social value in Ukraine. Here has historically formed qualified, well-developed and multifunctional system of higher education. Science and methodology are rapidly evolving. The modern higher educational level above all focuses on the specialist’s qualification, the increase of the graduates’ academic and professional mobility. Nowadays the most important things are transparency and accessibility of higher educational establishments, democratic principles of study, increase of educational level among young people, and, besides that, affiliation of Ukrainian Universities to the global educational community.

The competition for admission to Medical, Engineering, Technical, Aviation and Economic Universities and Colleges has always been and still remains tough.

However, it won’t be difficult to get higher education in Ukraine for those who pursue knowledge.

European Universities, as a rule, are well-known for high tuition fees. Ukrainian higher educational establishments offer reasonable prices and high educational level. This will allow tarting an effective and successful career in future, including scientific one.

In case you want to get higher education in Ukraine, but you still do not know what to start with, we are ready to provide you with qualified and multipurpose assistance. “TrasUkrVuz” gives advice on all the questions concerning education, providing a wide range of services for students, willing to study abroad. You will have an opportunity to get education at Medical, Engineering, Economic, Computer, Aviation and other higher educational establishments of Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Furthermore, we will help you with the process of submission of documents and give recommendations regarding the choice of your future career. After you get the admission to the University you have chosen, we will assist you with the process of execution of a student’s visa, your arrival and accommodation. We also offer you informational support in the early stages of your study.

The Company “TransUkrVuz” pays much attention to the search of partners throughout the world, in order to provide international students, interested in study in Ukraine, with more ualified services. We are searching for professionals, aimed at sincere and productive mutual collaboration.

We are searching for minded people and confederates in all African and Asian countries. “TransUkrVuz” offer conscientious students from these continents to get education at well-nown Ukrainian Universities, where they will be able to study Medicine, Engineering, Business, Management etc., which are taught in English, at the same level, as at Universities of Western Europe or the USA, but with lower tuition fees.

“TransUkrVuz” has established itself as innovational organization, dealing with the service quality, intelligence level and human capital increase. Its mission lies in provision with ultifaceted consultations in educational branch and professional training.

We guarantee that you can receive any information regarding education, work out business plans, trips and excursions through Ukraine, more effectively with our professional assistance.

Welcome to Ukraine!