17. What kind of services does “TransUkrVuz” offer to foreign students?

17. “TransUkrVuz” provides foreign students with the fullest information about Ukrainian higher educational system and accompanies them with a consult support throughout all educational period. 

  •  Information about Ukrainian higher educational establishments;
  •  Working with the students’ documents;
  •  Visa support from the University;
  •  Assistance in life and health insurance;
  •  On your arrival we are always glad to meet you at the International airport and accompany you to the hostel and University;
  •  We provide the students’ settlement in the hostel;
  •  Full registration and documentation in University;
  •  Our staff will help you to open a bank account, to send a fax massage etc.
  •  We will help the student to transfer from one University to another one, we also offer our help with documentation;
  •  We stay in touch with the students’ parents concerning their children’s study and behavior during academic year;
  •  Offer assistance and guardianship throughout the whole educational period.