Living costs

The cost of living in Ukraine

As for the cost of living in Ukraine, it is much less than in Europe. The students 

from different countries have various habits and lifestyles, which makes it difficult 

to define the exact sum for living, nevertheless, such sum as $ 1500 – 1800 per 

year will be enough to provide comfortable living, necessary goods and services. 

The average numbers are following:


The cost of staple foods is not high, the sum you need to pay in the supermarket for the ordinary products varies from $ 5 to $10 (you can buy potatoes, milk and bread for one person, having spent $ 1 – 1, 5).


The cost of the shirt is about $ 23, as for the trousers or jeans, they cost about $ 31. 


The paper and writing accessories are not expensive.


The libraries provide students with the necessary educational literature. 

Public transport.

Students have travel tickets for travelling through the city by public transport. The cost of the travel ticket is approximately $ 5.

Traveling through Ukraine.

Students have 40 per cent discount while traveling across our country. 

International travelling.

On entering the higher educational establishment the students get the International student’s ticket, due to which they have 30 per cent discount on the costs of flights.