Dear prospective students!

We earnestly recommend you to use the services of International Airports in such cities as Kyiv – Boryspil’, Odessa, Dnipropetrovs’k, Kharkiv and Lviv. 

Our representative will meet you at the airport beforehand and take all the necessary measures in order to make the process of your migration to Ukraine as comfortable as possible. Moreover, we will help you with the transportation to the place of destination and offer you any assistance you need.

We are also to inform you that the airport officials have no right to let the students, not accompanied by anyone, to get on the territory of Ukraine, in case their arrival was not declared beforehand. 

Please, scan your ticket at least within a week before your arrival, and send it to us by email. In such case our Company staff will inform the airport authorities about the time of your arrival and the number of flight. Then you will be able to get on the territory of our country without let or hindrance.

Every day airliners of the most famous world freighters arrive to Ukrainian Airports. That is why you will easily get to our country, which always warmly welcomes foreign students.


If you come to Ukraine in a cold season (October and later), make sure that you have warm clothes and footwear. Don’t forget to take all the documents, returned by the Ukrainian Embassy, don’t leave them home or at the airport of your country.

You must bring with you the actual flight ticket with open return date within 1 year.

Remember to inform the Company “TransUkrVuz” about your arrival, it is desirable to do it beforehand, within 4 – 5 days before your coming. You must check your ticket and visa, in order for our representative to greet you successfully at the Ukrainian airport. Airport migration police can departure the students, in case they are not officially met by anyone.

Feel free to write us and ask any questions you are interested in.

We wish you enjoyable and safe flight to Ukraine.

Taking care of your future – that is our work!