Dear students!

We are glad to inform you that the invitational letters for education in 2015/2016 years are ready for everyone. The invitational letter is the most important document in case you plan to study in Ukraine.

Those students, who are interested in getting higher education at the Ukrainian Universities in 2015, should send us scanned copies of their documents. We will execute and deliver you the original invitational letter from the University chosen by you or recommended by our Company, within 1 week.

The principal steps, letting to get the admission to the Ukrainian Universities, are given below. There is no need to take some special examinations; your wish to get qualified higher education is enough.

Step 1: Invitation.

In order to get invitation, you are required to send us the following documents:

- Copy of International Passport (the page with personal data);

- Copy of the school leaving Certificate;

- Application, filled in by you;

- Invitational letter.

You can send us your documents by email. Cash payment can be carried out by means of a bank transfer, using the system Western Union Money Gram or any other availably way of payment. On getting your documents and payment we will send you the invitational letter and visa support.

Step 2: Visa.

When you get the invitational letter for education, contact the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate. The prospective student should address to Ukrainian Consulate with such list of documents:

- Invitational letter;

- International Passport (valid not less than 1 year);

- Secondary school leaving Certificate ( with translation into Ukrainian language);

- Diploma with BA – for those students who have already got their education (translated into Ukrainian language);

- Diploma with a Master’s Degree – for postgraduates (translated into Ukrainian language);

- Transcripts (for Masters and postgraduates);

- Birth Certificate (translated into Ukrainian language);

- Medical Certificate, confirming the absence of HIV/AIDS (translated into Ukrainian language);

- Medical Certificate, confirming the student’s physical and psychical health (translated into Ukrainian language);

- Sponsorship letter from the parents or another person who will bear the expenditures during the prospective student’s staying and living in Ukraine;

- Confirmation from the bank, proving the student’s financial solvency – in order to pay for his/her study in Ukraine;

- 8 photos of passport size.

Step 3: Arrival.

After getting visa at the Embassy or the Consulate, the students must inform us that they are ready to come to our country in order to get higher education.

The representative of our Company will meet you at the airport, take you to the place of destination and take all the necessary measures in order to make the process of adaptation as comfortable as possible.

We must inform you that the migration police of Ukrainian airports do not let the students cross the territory of Ukraine, in case their arrival wasn’t declared beforehand.

We ask you to scan the flight ticket, minimum within a week before your arrival and send it to our specialist. It will give us an opportunity to organize our meeting effectively, inform the airport authorities about the time of your arrival and the number of flight.


If you come to Ukraine in a cold season (October and later), make sure that you have warm clothes and footwear. Don’t forget to take all the documents, returned by the Ukrainian Embassy, don’t leave them home or at the airport of your country. 

You must bring with you the actual flight ticket with open return date within 1 year.

Remember to inform the Company “TransUkrVuz” about your arrival, it is desirable to do it beforehand, within 4 – 5 days before your coming. You must check your ticket and visa, in order for our representative to greet you successfully at the Ukrainian airport. Airport migration police can departure the students, in case they are not officially met by anyone. 

Feel free to write us and ask any questions you are interested in.

We wish you enjoyable and safe flight to Ukraine.

Taking care of your future – that is our work!