In order to get higher education in Ukrainian higher educational establishments a prospective student must have an invitational letter. For this purpose he/she has to send us the following documents – scanned and of a good quality.

- International Passport, pages of data with the photograph, with a full student’s name and the passport number; the period of passport validity – not less than one year;

- School leaving or university graduation documents;

- Application, filled in with capital letters;

The information from the scanned copies of the abovementioned documents must be sent to our email address. It must be accompanied with the letter containing the following information:

- Student’s surname, name and patronymic;

- Nationality;

- Date and place of birth;

- Sex (male/female);

- Student’s passport number, series, the period of passport validity ( the date of issue and the date of expiry);

- Permanent address;

- Temporary/current address (in case the permanent address is different from this one)

Acceptance of the documents

We accept the applications for education at Ukrainian Universities throughout all academic year. We also work on the execution of invitational letters for students, which can be used even without your further collaboration with our Company.

It takes from 4 to 10 working days to issue the invitation for education, a letter for the University, which has been chosen by you or recommended by us. 

International express delivery will let you receive the letter in your country within 4 – 5 working days. The study in Ukrainian Universities starts on September 1. The foreign students may not join their English program till December. Those students, arriving after December of the current year, can join only the preliminary program and begin their study already in the next academic year.

The student must give his/her actual postal address and contact phone number in the form of application. On getting the invitational letter the student must contact the Ukrainian Embassy in his/her country, in order to submit application for getting the student’s visa. The Ukrainian Embassy begins to accept the applications and issue the students’ visas in May/June, it is possible to get visa by January (inclusively).

The following documents should be given at the Ukrainian Embassy for getting the student’s visa (an applicant must contact the Embassy of Ukraine and confirm the requirements before applying):

- Visa Application Form;

- International Passport (a valid travel document – not less than 1 year);

- Original of the invitational letter from the University;

- Birth Certificate, the copy of which must be legalized and translated into Ukrainian language by the Ukrainian Embassy;

- Original school leaving or university graduation Certificates, which should be legalized and translated into Ukrainian language by the Ukrainian Embassy;

- Medical Certificate, issued within 2 months before entry to Ukraine, the copy must be legalized and translated into Ukrainian language by the Ukrainian Embassy;

- Certificate, confirming the absence of HIV/AIDS, the copy must be legalized and translated into Ukrainian language by the Ukrainian Embassy;

- Insurance policy, valid for 1 month, beginning with the day of entry to the territory of Ukraine;

- Sponsorship letter from parents or another person who will bear the  expenditures during the student’s staying and living in Ukraine;

- Confirmation from the bank, proving the student’s financial solvency – in order to pay for his/her studies in Ukraine;

- 12 small photos (3*4 sm.)

- Booking of the tickets with the open return date;


The recommended International Ukrainian airports are Kyiv – Boryspil’, Odessa, Dnipropetrovs’k, Kharkiv, Lviv. 

For stable and successful study on arrival to Ukraine the student must pay the whole sum for the tuition fees, apartment and other expenditures on university program of study chosen by him/her. The student will have to give the airport immigration authorities the information about the size of the tuition fees in Ukraine. The student also must have enough money for personal expenditures. 

Please, be objective in evaluation of the costs for living in the country, for getting the additional information contact our specialists.

Student must bring all the documents, returned by the Embassy of Ukraine with visa. 

The migration card, filled in by the student on his/her arrival to Ukraine, is to be saved during the student’s staying in the country. The student will show it to the immigration authorities on coming back home or on travelling within the country.