PG Medical/ Specialization

Postgraduate studies for Medical students

Medical students can continue their education having chosen postgraduate courses. 

All the subjects connected with Medicine are taught in English and Russian languages, in accordance with the programs and curriculums approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of health. We also take into account health care peculiarities of those states where the students come from. The duration of postgraduate studies is about 2-3 years.

The main goal of postgraduate studies is to let the Medical students to continue their education as the General Practitioner, in order to improve their skills for successful further work. Medical faculties closely cooperate with the hospitals and other medical foundations with a view to ensure the necessary physical and human resources. In such a way, is created the scientific environment for Medical graduates training, and as a result they gain knowledge, skills and experience, become qualified doctors and surgeons with high moral and ethical standards.

The individual form of study is practiced on the base of qualification characteristics, professional requirements and the principles of the doctor’s realization. Detailed theoretical study is combined with multifaceted practical skills, operational technique and holding typical and complex operations.

Professional doctor will be trained taking into account all International medical tendencies, on the base of contractual agreements with foreign countries, universities and hospitals. The other countries citizens’ training experience and peculiarities of their national medicine are also taken into account, in order to let the graduates to come back home being the qualified professionals. 

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Kindly forward us high quality clear scanned copies of following documents, in reply to this email.

  • Filled Application Form (with valid permanent/ current postal address and telephone numbers)
  • International Passport, the page with picture and data on it (travelling document)
  • Educational Documents available ( Certificate of O level/A level /SSCE/ HSSCE/Bachelor/Master’s )

Duration: 3 years with Surgery and 2 years without Surgery