Questions and Answers

1. Ukraine is a country in the Eastern Europe. Its territory is 603 628 square kilometers.

     2.  The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. Its population is 2 889 838 people. As for Ukraine itself, its population is 42 684 469 people.

     3.  The principle religion is Christianity (the Orthodox, the Greek Catholics, the Roman Catholics and the Lutherans). 70 per cent of population call themselves believers.

5. The duration of study varies from 2 to 6 years.

      6.  The Ukrainian currency unit is hryvnia, and the coins are known as kopecks. $ 1 is equal to 22 hryvnias 13 kopecks.

7.  The state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian language. The minorities speak Russian, Byelorussian, Bulgarian, Armenian and some others.

8.   The educational process is carried out not only in Ukrainian, but also in Russian and English languages.

9.   You can first study at the Preliminary Department for foreign students at your University. (As a rule, it is a year program).

11.  Yes, he/she can. Ukrainian Universities provide their students with a job placement.

13.  Yes, you can. According to Ukrainian legislation, you are free to do it after 2 years of your continuous staying in Ukraine.

14.  Yes, there is. You can use it beginning from the second year of study.

16.  Yes, you can travel to such countries as the Great Britain, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Sweden etc., during your winter and summer holidays.

17. “TransUkrVuz” provides foreign students with the fullest information about Ukrainian higher educational system and accompanies them with a consult support throughout all educational period. 

  •  Information about Ukrainian higher educational establishments;
  •  Working with the students’ documents;
  •  Visa support from the University;
  •  Assistance in life and health insurance;
  •  On your arrival we are always glad to meet you at the International airport and accompany you to the hostel and University;
  •  We provide the students’ settlement in the hostel;
  •  Full registration and documentation in University;
  •  Our staff will help you to open a bank account, to send a fax massage etc.
  •  We will help the student to transfer from one University to another one, we also offer our help with documentation;
  •  We stay in touch with the students’ parents concerning their children’s study and behavior during academic year;
  •  Offer assistance and guardianship throughout the whole educational period.

18.  Visa invitation is an official document, issued by the Ukrainian Department of passport and visa services. It is one of the most important documents, as it confirms the student’s rights, agrees that he/she can enter the territory of Ukraine and get further education. Student’s passport data and full title of the University should be mentioned in invitation. The execution of invitation usually takes up to 45 days. The given document is valid for 90 days, including the date of its issue.

19.  Migration card is a compulsory document, confirming that the student has crossed Ukrainian border. Student cannot be registered on the territory of Ukraine without migration card, and as a result he/she will be deported to his/her country.

20.  The amount of the luggage does not really matter. The airline allows 1 passenger to take free luggage weighting up to 25 kilos. In case it is bigger, the passenger pays for every kilo, and it can be a little expensive. We recommend to take only the most important and necessary things; what is unavailable in our country. As for the rest, you can buy it in Ukraine. Get to know about the climate in Ukraine, in order for you to pick up clothes according to the season.

21.  On arrival to our country a student must pay just a year tuition fee, and nothing else.

22.  As a rule, the first month of staying in Ukraine takes more expenditure than the following ones. Speaking about several months of living in our country, the approximate sum is $ 500. It is connected with the expenses for registration, purchase of the basic necessities etc. In the further the average costs for living will vary from $ 100 to $ 150.

23.  The parents can make bank money transfer on a student’s account in Ukraine. We recommend you and ready to assist you in opening the bank account, when your registration is over; it averagely takes 10 – 15 days. In order to open the bank account you should make an initial contribution in the amount of $ 5.

24.  Insurance has become obligatory for some Universities since 2010, which provides legal assistance for students. Medical insurance gives student an opportunity to get the necessary assistance in case of illness, according to the insurance protection program. There are the doctors’ names, their phone numbers and the hospitals numbers, mentioned in the insurance policy. In case the student addresses to the hospital for medical aid, the insurance company informs “TransUkrVuz” for health monitoring. Our consultant will contact your parents in order to inform them about your health status and the course of treatment. The registration cannot be completed without life and health insurance. All foreign students aiming to get education in Ukraine ought to know that life and health insurance is mandatory. 

25.  Preliminary Department is a kind of Pre-University training. On successful completion of this course the students gets a certificate proving the corresponding training level of Ukrainian or Russian languages, which is enough to continue educational process in Ukrainian Universities, or choose special disciplines required for future profession (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History etc.). The certificate gives an opportunity of entering Ukrainian higher educational establishments without taking the entrance exams. The duration of the Preliminary course is one academic year (6-10 months).

26.  The Preliminary course is of the medium difficulty level. As for the disciplined students, attending all the classes, doing homework etc., they aren’t supposed to have any difficulties or problems with Preparatory Department. In case the student doesn’t manage to complete this course, there is an opportunity to do it once again the next year, no matter what University is chosen. Also, the student must pay for repeated Preliminary course.

27.  Every year from beginning from April “TransUkrVuz” holds an educational exhibition in our office. This exhibition is carried out and intended for successful students of the Preliminary Department. In our Company you will get the detailed information about all the Universities you are interested in, according to the profession chosen by you. Our consultants will provide you with the fullest information concerning our higher educational establishments, the tuition fees, etc., and help you to make the right choice. We guarantee the execution of all the necessary procedures needed for admission to the chosen University.

28.  Speaking about the Preliminary course, the educational program is divided in semesters. That is why there are no winter holidays. In the second half of January, those students having successfully passed their tests have rest for a week. As for students having academic debts, they retake their tests. Summer holidays last for 2 months, from 1st of July to 31st of August annually.

29.  “TransUkrVuz” consultants will keep under its strict control the student’s educational process, and also receive the fullest information regarding the student’s academic progress. Further all the received information will be given to the student’s parents.